Attention – WE BUY HOUSES Gulf Breeze!

Ok, now that I have your attention and we know that you need to sell your house quickly – We buy Gulf Breeze houses in any condition, any price range or anywhere in Northwest Florida. We are local, ethical, trusted professional home buyers and we can purchase your house now, for ALL CASH!  We can provide you with a guaranteed, written offer for your house in less than 24 hours.  Unlike many of the other websites and buyers that you will come across will not tie your house up for 30 to 60 days looking only looking to find a real buyer for your house.  WE ARE THE REAL BUYERS – we are not wholesalers and we are local.  Once you contact us, we can be at your location within hours to inspect your property, understand your needs and provide you with an offer.

Selling your Gulf Breeze property through a real estate agent can be very time consuming, costly, and confusing when all you want is a fair offer for your house and need cash fast.  Most home buying services and internet wholesalers are just looking to make you a ridiculously low offer for your house with the hopes you’ll accept it when they believe you are in a desperate situation.  We are a local, family owned company that lives in your neighborhood.  We are not trying to take advantage of you nor make money from your desperation – we just want to help.  And if that means buying your Gulf Breeze home quickly and for CASH we can help.

There are many reasons why you may need to sell a house quickly for cash, which may include:

Your Listing Has Expired | Need To Liquidate Assets To Pay Bills | Death In the Family | Divorce |Unreasonable Mortgage Terms | Military Transfer | Behind On Payments | Relocation | House Has Become Too Ugly To Sell | Troublesome Tenants | House Has Suffered Water or Mold Damage | House Needs Extensive Renovation| Heading For Foreclosure | Estate Sale | Job Transfer Or Emigration | Little to No Equity | Lost Your Job | Inheriting A House You Can’t Keep | Bad Neighborhood  | Property Has Liens Or Judgments

Whatever the reason – we can help!

Why We Are The Right Choice For You

  • A quick solution – As mentioned earlier, we buy all types of houses, all over Gulf Breeze. Whether it’s a single-family house, duplex, bungalow, flat, or condo, we can buy your house AS-IS. We’ll buy your house for cash and we’ll close quickly.
  • Fair all-cash offers – We are cash buyers and will provide you with a guaranteed, all cash offer.  What we offer you is what goes in your pocket.
  • Clear terms – We make sure that you understand the process every step of the way.  Simple, straight-forward and your pace.
  • No extra paperwork – No confusing double-talk or crazy contact assignments.  We’ll provide you the offer for your house and we’re the one that will purchase your house.  Plain and simple!
  • No Fees or Hidden Charges – If anybody wants to charge you an upfront fee to sell your house – DO NOT DO IT!  You pay NOTHING when we buy your house.  All fees, closing costs and taxes are paid by us.
  • We buy your house even if it needs a lot of repairs – No need to fix up your house or spend tons of money on expensive repairs.  We buy houses AS-IS and in all conditions – literally!  Roof burned out?  We’ll buy it.  Tenants trashed the houses?  We’ve purchase that too.  In any condition – we mean it.
  • You have no equity or negative equity – We can buy your house quickly at no cost to you.  If you were to list your house with an agent you’d pay 6% of your proceeds for their efforts.  If you don’t have the extra 6% to spare – that’s when a cash buyer like us can help.
  • Experience – We have been buying and selling house for 16 years. We’ve been through all the different real estate cycles and understand what works and the market. Whatever your situation, we’ll understand, as we’ve seen it all. We’re also experienced in dealing with mortgage brokers, bankers and attorneys.
  • Respect and compassion – At “We Buy Houses Gulf Breeze” we understand what you’re going through. Everybody goes through a rough financial stretch at one time or another.  We’ll work with you to solve your problems with respect, empathy and compassion.
  • Local and dependable – We are a local, family owned business that is going to be here when you need us.  This is our community too and our motto and mission is to RE-Invest in OUR Community!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us at (844) 466-6582 and sell that Gulf Breeze house that is making your life impossible.